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RECIPE: Easy ‘Campbell’s Style’ Vegetable Soup with Alphabet Noodles! (Vegan)

vegan vegetable alphabet soup campbells

I’ve been sick with a cold all week. Nasty sniffles, fuzzy head pressure, throat fire,  general grumpiness- you know the the symptoms. And while rolled up into a blanket burrito surrounded by a snowwy scene of discarded tissues, I craved all of the sick foods that comforted me as a child. Gingerale, banana popsicles, and Campbell’s Vegetable Soup. Unfortunately for me, Campbell’s Vegetable soup is not vegan friendly. It has a beef stock base. Wump womp. …But where most people would see stop signs, I saw opportunity. Opportunity to forge my own soupy path! 


So here it is- a quick and easy veggie soup with the same comfortability of a can of Campbells soup, but with some added goodies for the next time your feeling the general grumpiness take hold..

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RECIPE: Vegan Mushroom Gyoza!


This past summer I went on a road trip through niagara falls and to Cedar Point in Ohio. One of the most memorable parts of the trip occurred before we even crossed the border. We visited the Smokin Buddha in Port Colbourne, a small town near my family’s old Cottage on lake Erie that I spent entire summers as a child. As you’ve probably guessed it- the Smokin’ Buddha not only served vegan-friendly faire, but some of the most scrumptious Gyoza I’ve ever tasted.

I’d been craving vegan potstickers for a while, and finally I found some time to whip some up! These mushroom gyoza are bite-sized so they’re perfect for sharing, serving as an appetizer, or along with another Japanese style dish as an entree!

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EASY BBQ STAPLE! Infused Water!

infused water cucumber lemon water

Headed to a BBQ this Canada Day? Why not bring some trendy Infused Water with you? It’s refreshing, easy to prepare – and comes hangover free! Make up your own blends, or try one of the following below-

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RECIPE: Easy, 5-Minute Vegan Creamy Alfredo Sauce!

vegan alfredo sauce recipe pasta

One of my favorite Pre-gan dishes was Fettuccine Alfredo. It didn’t take me long after ditching dairy and eggs until I attempted to master my own creamy take on the classic recipe. I’ve tried different recipes, some calling for cashews, some calling for cauliflower- but the recipe I’m sharing today is really classic in that it’s prepared just like the non-vegan version (albeit with a few substitutes). Not only does it have that same creamy, cheesy taste, but it takes about 5 minutes to make, and will be ready when your noodles are!

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RECIPE: Vegan Mushroom Quinoa Slider Burgers with Chickpea, Onion, and Garlic!

vegan quinoa chickpea mushroom burgers

One essential skill that you should master when becoming vegan is how to make a homemade burger patty from scratch. I have a few tried and tested favorites, like these Chickpea Quinoa Burgers. I also make a mean mushroom burger. This recipe is kind of a blend of those two recipes.

Recently, I happened upon these adorable vegan-friendly slider buns at our local grocery store, and decided to whip up some mini-patties from scratch. You too can make some mini-burgers, or- go the regular route and make some full-sized burgs.

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RECIPE: Vegan Mocha Cupcakes with Toasted Coconut!

vegan chocolate coconut cupcakes

These are my favorite cupcakes to make. They’re rich and chocolatey, but softened by using vanilla and coconut flavors for those of us who don’t like going overboard. Coconut is one of my new favorite ingredients. This cupcake recipe uses three forms of coconut, shredded, the new coconut milk from Almond Fresh, and coconut oil. Ever since I fell in love with it as a hair mask, I’ve been working coconut oil into everything, including these amazing vegan coconut macaroons. And these cupcakes are no different!

As always, they’re completely vegan friendly,without skipping on scrumptiousness!

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