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patrick bateman american psycho valentines day card

Ah, Valentine’s Day. For the boyfriend and I, it’s not really a big deal. I’m not at all a flowers or jewellery kind of gal- so we kind of just eat food. It’s pretty damn romantic of us.

Thankfully, because of the AGE OF THE INTERNET (mostly just Tumblr and it’s weirdness), the perfect valentine exists for everyone. Especially couples who don’t fit into the hallmark card bubble. Here are some of the funniest valentines to give to your significant other without making a big awkward deal about it this Valentine’s day!

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FRUGAL GIFTING: 7 Thoughtful DIY Christmas Gifts For Everyone On Your List!

When you’re young and on a budget, The whole Christmas season can be one big stress-fest. I have a word document on my computer with everyone I have to buy gifts for. In italics I write ideas, In regular type I write purchased items, and then when that person is finished, I grey out there name. Doesn’t that seem so complicated?

It’s because it is. I have to start shopping early in the season to be able to afford gifts for everyone in my family and still be able to pay the gas bill on time. And I’m sure it’s like that for a lot of young people around the holidays. You show everyone you love them by spending $20-50 on a trinket that reminds you of them, or clothes you think they would pick out for themselves.

I get gifting. I love Christmas. But it doesn’t have to be so bland and depressing for you on the giving end. So clear out the cobwebs in your wallet, this year, your going to go the homemade gift route!

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TUTORIAL: Black and White Silent Film Costume!

Have you ever wanted to spend the night in grey-scale? Live it up in the style of Old Hollywood Glamour? Swell! Because this year the boyfriend and I did just that, and I’ve created a tutorial so you can re-create it! I’ve included step-by-step instructions, including where and how to source your wardrobe, how to mix your paints, and how to layer the makeup for a realistic effect!

I’ve also entered this tutorial to the Halloween Contest on Instructables, so if you dig it, please Vote for it!


TRY THIS: DIY Your Own Sharpie Mug!

How cute are these do-it-yourself mugs from A Beautiful Mess? A great, super easy craft for a blah day! (Plus, it’s totally great for us frugal crafters; re-purpose old boring dishware, or simply pop into the dollar store!)

If you’re a wiz with lettering, these would also double as great housewarming, party favors, or hostess gifts! Hooray for cheap and cute gifting!

If you are going to craft up a few these bad boys, note that they are not dishwasher safe. Some crafters have also recommended Pabeoo markers for a more permanent, lasting effect!

Of Gardening, Long Weekends, and BBQs!

Isn’t my backyard awesome? This past weekend was a long one for us Canadians, and though came down with a bad bought of Laryngitis last week and had absolutely no voice, I tried to make the most of my weekend!

  • I planted some beautiful white and purple flowers, including violets, peonies, white daisies with purple centers, a blue hydrangea bush, and a ton of sprawling petunias.
  • My boyfriend’s mother also gave me a huge planter of chives, so we happily gorged on loaded baked potatoes with sauteed mushrooms. Yum!
  • Though I had no voice, we had a bunch of friends over for an all-vegan barbecue! We served veggie chicken burgers, and veggie hot dogs along with plenty of beer!
  • My sister had a barbecue the following night and I embarrassed myself horribly at beer pong, played with sparklers, and we lit some amazing fireworks!
  • I spruced up my picnic table by re-painting it lavender, to go with the ornate frames I painted + mod-podged last year!
  • We also spent some quiet time enjoying the sun by reading our books and having a game of BATTLESHIP (A note to other outdoor players; take your sunglasses off! There could be cheatin’ afoot.)

But today I’m back to work, and back to the blog! Expect some awesome BBQ and summer related posts over the next little while!

If you also enjoyed a long/lovely weekend, how did you spend it?

DIY: Geeky, Breaking Bad Valentines!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Because this year we’re pinching pennies, Jon and I agreed not to do anything huge this year. Typically I load him up full of candies and sweets, and we go out for a fancy-shmancy dinner. One Valentine’s, he surprised me with a limousine, and swept me away to an eclectic cafe downtown!

So, in light of our budget-conscious Love Day, I crafted Jon these cute and geeky Breaking Bad themed Valentines! Tutorial + Template below!

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