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Wonderful Web Weekend II

This is the Second Wonderful Web Weekend post. Check out the original for more reads, movies, pictures, and pop culture links!

[If you’re wondering why I’m posting this on a weekday — I cheated. This is a scheduled post. So sue me. I’m a busy gal.]

This Saturday afternoon, me and the boyfriend were doing our regular ole Grocery Shop, when we got a text from a friend asking us to head up to his cottage. We bought some beer, packed some vegan burgers, and began to drive 3 hours north.

I also packed a couple books I had been meaning to read, and absorbed a few chapters while we sped through the countryside.

I don’t remember much after we got there, we drank most of our beer, napped in the car, and headed back home at about 5 in the morning. I woke up sunday in a semi-drunk stupor with ketchup in my hair and all over my sweater.

The good thing about hangovers though — if you find tons of new stuff to share!

So here’s what I’m watching, what I’m reading- you know the drill!

What I’m Tumbling

What I’m Listening To

  • The White Stripes – In the Cold, Cold Night. Youtube
  • David Usher – Black, Black Heart. Youtube
  • Brand New – At The Bottom. Youtube

What I’m Reading



  • STIFF – The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers by Mary Roach. From the Publisher:

“Uproariously funny” doesn’t seem a likely description for a book on cadavers. However, Roach, a Salon and Reader’s Digest columnist, has done the nearly impossible and written a book as informative and respectful as it is irreverent and witty. From her opening lines (“The way I see it, being dead is not terribly far off from being on a cruise ship. Most of your time is spent lying on your back”), it is clear that she’s taking a unique approach to issues surrounding death. Roach delves into the many productive uses to which cadavers have been put, from medical experimentation to applications in transportation safety research (in a chapter archly called “Dead Man Driving”) to work by forensic scientists quantifying rates of decay under a wide array of bizarre circumstances. There are also chapters on cannibalism, including an aside on dumplings allegedly filled with human remains from a Chinese crematorium, methods of disposal (burial, cremation, composting) and “beating-heart” cadavers used in organ transplants. Roach has a fabulous eye and a wonderful voice as she describes such macabre situations as a plastic surgery seminar with doctors practicing face-lifts on decapitated human heads and her trip to China in search of the cannibalistic dumpling makers. Even Roach’s digressions and footnotes are captivating, helping to make the book impossible to put down.

My favorite passage so far:

For the moment, you can’t see the faces. They’ve been draped with white cloths, pending the arrival of the surgeons. When you first enter the room, you see only the tops of the heads, which are shaved down to stubble. You could be looking at rows of old men reclining in barber chairs with hot towels on their faces. The situation only starts to become dire when you make your way down the rows. Now you see the stumps, and the stumps are not covered. They are bloody and rough. I was picturing something cleanly sliced, like the edge of a deli ham. I look at the heads, and then I look at the lavender tablecloths. Horrify me, soothe me, horrify me.

Recipes I’m drooling over

– The Tolerant Vegan

What I’m Watching

  • Dahmer, Horror/Biopic (2002). MEH


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